What’s in it for you?

You become a BleepCI community member
With the scanning of your groceries you are a member of the BleepCI community and you cooperate in getting an more honest and transparent assortment that is offered to you by supermarkets and manufactures. With your input the supermarkets and manufacturers will get to know the influence and preferences of the consumer; the user of their products.
Nice prices to win
You are important to us and the way to show this we give away great prices monthly to our loyal scanners. Examples of the gifts are diner cheques and free hotel stays. BleepCI will raffle the prices ones a month among the loyal BleepCI app users.
Insight in you supermarket expenses
The BleepCI app gives insight in your expenses at the different supermarket chains. By scanning actively and filling in the amount of your supermarket receipt you get insight at your expenses at the different supermarkets. Also different categories will be determined as good as possible. Not all products are available in the database, completing this is a continues effort and challenge for the Bleepci team and we are constantly working on this

What happens to the information and is this confedential?

Of course is all the information completely confidential and will only be shard anonymous with third parties (conform the personal data protection authority). The computer servers of BleepCI are installed in such a way that the (limited) personal information is impossible to trace back to a individual user. And also this is definitely not the intention of BleepCI : we stand for transparent and honest information for users, supermarkets and producers.

The data of groups of consumers will be made anonymous and than shared as a group to supermarkets and consumers so they know at which supermarket they go and what kind of products they buy. Both the supermarket chains and the producers can adjust their products to your needs.