How doest it work

To collect data about the purchases and availability of products we have build an app! The BleepCI app is basically a mobile barcode scanner that can scan the barcode on every product you buy; from peanut butter to milk and from bread to garbage bags.

The use of the app is very easy. After installing the app you will be asked to fill in some questions (about your household assembly, nett household income and some other questions) and the scanning can begin. 

When you come home from your grocery shopping trip and you’re about to store the products, open the BleepCI-app:

1 Select the store at where you’ve done your groceries.

2 Fill in the total amount of the receipt and start scanning.

3 Please scan the barcode of each product and fill in the amount you bought of each product;

4 If you’re able to scan all the groceries, you can end the session;

5 When you finished your scan session it’s possible to fill in the price of the products and you can also mention if the product is in promotion. Having this kind of information, we can give you the most accurate result . Also, ‘unknown products’ can be added to the database manually. The next time you scan the product it will be recognized..

Of course is all information completely confidential and anonymous.

By scanning your products for a longer period of time you will get insights of your supermarket expenses per period and per category.