What is Bleep Consumer Insight (BleepCI)

Bleep Consumer Insight is a research company that gives consumers more influence in the products that supermarkets have to offer. By showing which groups of people buy which kind of product in which supermarkets it is possible for the person behind the purchases to influence the available product assortment.

Honesty. Transparency. Convenience for the consumers. These are the things that we at BleepCI think are important. By getting clear insight at the behaviour and desires of consumers is it possible for supermarkets and producers to make sure that there product portfolio is a perfect to your needs.

Honest & Transparent

We want supermarkets and producers to be honest towards consumers about the products that present.


You spend a lot of money on groceries, with the BleepCI app you know exactly what you spend at which supermarket and on what kind of products.

Starters mistakes

We are a starting company and we love to learn. If you have suggestions of others remarks please tell us so we can learn from it!